A kick-your-RockStar-butt, holistic cleanse to support your body, brain and beautiful being!

  • 6 day nutritional cleanse – all meals and juices provided
  • Daily fitness, yoga and RockStar moves
  • Daily workshops designed for you to feel like a RockStar from the inside out!
  • Now offering a full supported DIY cleanse!

Click here for more information about the RockStar Cleanse.

A 7 day adventure and fitness retreat in a rugged tropical paradise!

  • A journey of movement, super nutrition, adventure, inspiration and transformation
  • Snorkel, swim, kayak, paddleboard, hike, dance and play!

Click here for more information about the RockStar Retreat.

The RockStar 6 is the perfect follow up to the cleanse.  It is a 6 month program that inspires, motivates and accelerates you toward your health goals.  Making big changes takes time, and having a consistent, customized program with a knowledgeable guide can make those changes happen much faster.

  • 2 monthly meetings with your health coach
  • Personally designed program to meet your individual health goals
  • Free access to all RockStar Creative Salon events
  • Discounts on Cleanses and Retreats

Click here for more information about the RockStar 6 program.

Join us the first Thursday of each month for a special creative salon.  Art, words, movement, and soulful sisterhood.  Each month, your RockStar coaches will present a creative workshop designed for you to open up, tap into your voice, find your colors, express your SELF and strut your stuff.

  • 2 hour urban retreat for your creative soul
  • Fun and laughter with an inspired group of women
  • Wine and refreshments will be served

Click here for more information about the RockStar Creative Salon.


Exclusively outdoors, beautiful views, fresh air, personal attention, goal-setting and progress-monitoring, high heart-rates, red faces, muscle burn, and sweat! Intensity, variety and FUN set us above other programs!

  • 1 hour morning classes, 3-5 days a week
  • 3 locations! San Francisco, Corte Madera and Burlingame
  • Start your day with a kick-butt workout with your RockStar sisters

Click here for more information about the Rock Solid Fitness.



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