28 Days to Rock-n-Roll

More than a wellness program – A Holistic Fabulous-ness Program

This program is not about restriction, but about discovery, strength, and power.

Your program will be perfectly customized toward your needs and goals. There are three general paths we may follow for you:

RESET – A balanced Cleanse to reset your body, brain & being.

HEAL – Are you recovering from cancer/chemotherapy?  Releasing candida?  Living with fibromialgia? Arthritis?  Let’s work together to heal your body and mind so you can hear your spirit sing again.

PERFORM –  Are you training for a competition? Running on all cylinders to get your business to the next level?  Or just ready to get into the best shape of your life?  I’ll guide you through a delicious menu of physical, mental, and emotional musts to place you in peak condition!

28 Days – Includes 2 90 minute private sessions per week / or 2 60-minute private session and one 60-minute phone session.

Call me to find out how this program can catapult you into a new season and reason of your life.


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