March 8, 2013

Flowers are beginning to bloom… Are you?

Spring is just around the bend. (Though I can’t imagine a more beautiful spring than this past February in SF!) A change in season is due nonetheless.  Being a child of seasons palpable and sacred – where summers meant swimming, mosquitoes, and sunburn.  Fall became a brilliant display of red, orange and gold, leaves were raked and burned, and we had to shut the windows before dinner.  Winter brought the snow, in flakes and dumps and drifts, shortcuts across frozen lakes, the smell of wood-smoke, a quiet like you’ve never heard.  Then spring… Spring!!  Shorts and shirtsleeves on that first warm day, flagrant excitement, school out just in time to open up the cabin.  All these reminders of the natural rhythm of things, keeping us connected to the earth, at home in our bodies.

I can still feel these transitions, smell them, taste them. But it’s not as easy as walking outside or chopping wood or cleaning the grill.  Modern stresses, city-living, technology, convenience, clocks and coffee keep us in our heads. So we must find our own way back to a natural order, a balanced body and the beat, beat, ba-da beat of the eartOn the Trailh churning and turning. ‘Round and ’round

So I do my own seasonal review -or, better yet, revue.  My own seasons and senses storied and danced. I take time to examine my own natural transitions.  To reconsider rituals… the bricks that make the foundation of my true home, my body.  I recently took that time, spending some of the last days of this winter clearing, cleansing, and clarifying.  I made fresh green juices, created new veggie recipes, intensified my workouts, deepened my stretches, walked on the beach, roller skated through the park, went quiet, looked at art, made some art, connected with special friends, took a nap, brightened up and lightened up.

In less than a week, I felt it.  Closer to my self, my body, my source, my seasons.  I was reintroduced to my muscles, my gut, my strength and my passion for my life and work.  And was once again reminded that it doesn’t take much.  Only a little time carved out of the norm for some self-care and self-love.

What can you do to bring yourself back home? Back to your body?  To help ease the monkey-mind-chatter, the aches, the stress… the weight on your shoulders and around your waist?  What is your spring bloom? We can always offer up excuses for not taking care of ourselves – but this vessel is all we’ve got to bring forth our gifts to the world.  So.  What can you do?  Lighten up.  Brighten up.  Bring forth your gifts.Go to the woods. Dance.  Take a class, a run, a vitamin.  Commit to something that will serve you.  It will always serve those around you.

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