Dreamin’ of the Roatán RockStars


It’s been a week since we bid adieu to that beautiful island paradise. We’ve landed, lighter and lifted and holding that tropical fire in our hearts.  I commend our RockStars for diving in and opening your minds to a new adventure, outside and inside.  Thank you for playing.

We saw the music in each other.  We danced. We moved those beautiful, amazing bodies.  And we  smartly and lovingly nourished them.  We ran across beaches and up hills.  We kick-boxed on a long dock over a Caribbean bay.  We paddled standing up and sitting down.  We swam a mile to a coral reef and another mile back. We bravely embarked on a questionable journey, in a questionable vessel and dove into a whole other world.  We breathed underwater and lived with creatures striking and strange. We visited with iguanas and turtles and monkeys and parrots.  We wrote our stories.  And re-wrote our songs.  We opened up, loosened our grip, shook it out, and created a new vision of our lives.  We spread a smile across the planet with a big… huge… round… slooooooow… sexy… hip circle, and a flip of our hair.

Your life is your stage, RockStars. Keep showing up. Keep moving. Keep dancing. Stay with your music.  Spread your butterfly wings and radiate your glowing, hot-lava love.

This retreat was a blast and we are excited to bring you another, we can’t wait to be a part of YOUR RockStar Life!

Reserve your spot on our next RockStar Retreat now.

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