Welcome to Your RockStar Life!


We are so excited to be launching everything RockStar! This is your place to find inspiration, get in touch, connect with yourself and other RockStars like YOU!

Your RockStar Life starts with a beautifully balanced BODY, BRAIN, & BEING. To live a RockStar life, you must have a healthy body. All systems go! That means cleaning out all the toxins and the waste that drain your energy, make you feel exhausted, uninspired, achy, bloated, & pale. Then feeding your body the fuel it needs and wants to give you life, vitality, energy, confidence, & beauty. Your body is your vessel, your vehicle, your chance to bring forth your gifts to the world. It carries that smart brain and harbors that beautiful being.

We’re here to get you there and keep you on the stage! Are you ready to show up for Your RockStar life? Keep moving. Keep dancing. Stay with your music. Spread your butterfly wings and radiate your glowing, hot-lava love.


Join us here , or get involved with one of our programs. Whether urban, rural or in rugged paradise, Your RockStar Life is both an external and internal adventure. Our programs bring physical and emotional cleansing, exercise, community and coaching together to make women feel fabulous, respect their bodies, and find a new way of being.

Your RockStar life is designed for YOU to open up, dream big, and create the body, relationships, career and future you want. It is a journey of self-realization, a combination of movement, super nutrition, adventure, and group coaching to create a RockStar. RockStar, of course, is a metaphor for living an amazing, kick-ass life – a life of clarity, courage, creativity and unbridled passion.


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